Raleigh Motor started with a simple idea. We wanted to build a bike for the first time and document the process. But the more we got our hands dirty, and the more people we met in the custom vintage motorcycle community, the bigger this idea got.

With each new artist, designer, and builder we met, came new ideas for the bike and new ideas for how we could grow the story of Raleigh Motor.

An appreciation for the craftsman, good design, and small business is alive and well, especially here in Raleigh, NC. Makers of all kinds are coming together and proving once again that quality comes from the hands of the artisan. It means taking the time to get it right, with the right tools, and a keen eye towards functional design.

The same focus and determination that we've seen go into building custom bikes is also being applied to gear, apparel, and one of kind works of art throughout the hand made community. Whether they are building a bike or designing a piece of apparel that will last a lifetime, these are the people who still believe that creating something with your hands and having a craft means something. Their passion is our fuel.

Our goal now is to bring together as many of these artists and builders as we can to collaborate on gear and apparel, bike builds, and our very own works of art and design. We already have some amazing stories to share with you in the coming year, but we are really just getting started. At the end of our first custom build later this year, we hope to have a bike that is a reflection of this community's talent and their passion. Adorned with handmade pieces from various artists, we hope the beauty of the bike is only exceeded by the experience of riding it.

As we build our story together with the community, we'll also tell their stories through a series of videos and blog posts, giving you a glimpse into their work, their process, and their love for doing what they do.

We hope you'll join us, even if that means simply following our story. Welcome to Raleigh Motor.